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Here is a list of albums I'm curious to check out, although I almost certainly won't have the time and money for all of them. And there are sure to be some things I don't expect, or even just ones that I forget to write down. I'll write blurbs for them but they aren't really reviews, I mostly am writing from the perspective of not yet hearing these releases in full, simply writing about why I am interested in hearing them. Though sometimes people send me things early, and I greatly appreciate that!

If you want to let me know about something I don't have listed or send a correction in spelling, formatting, or facts on this page, you can contact me on Twitter or by email (itsatripp@gmail.com). I won't write anything substantial about any of these until long after release, but if I'm interested I'll say something here.

I've made a template for this page that you can feel free to borrow and adapt if you'd like.

May 22nd, 2020

Andrea Borghi/Giacomo Salis/Paolo Sanna - MOT (tsss tapes)

Here's a trio of artists I haven't heard yet, but it looks like they release on labels I'm interested in like Dinzu Artefacts and Falt. The whole first side of the tape is available for a preview stream, and it has a sort of organo-mechanical feeling to it, like Rie Nakajima's motorized devices but with a bit of damp flesh in there. After establishing the dynamic, they throw in a twist that has me looking forward to finding out what the second side holds.

Karl Evangelista w/Alexander Hawkins, Louis Moholo-Moholo, and Trevor Watts - Apura! (Astral Spirits)

I'm not familiar with any of the names on here, even the ones who have been around for a while like Watts, but Astral Spirits do great work and the description on the link here suggests a deep sincerity in pursuing humanity through improvised music. You should just follow the link and read that. I'll need some time to digest in full before I can approach describing it but I feel like it could live up to the idea of putting life into music.

Rafael Anton Irisarri - Peripeteia (Dais Records)

Irisarri is one of those names that I've heard celebrated by people I trust for a while now. But I haven't spent anywhere near the same amount of time with his music that they have, I can't be the kind of advocate for him that they were to me. I did hear his one last year, Solastalgia, I was overwhelmed by the unrelenting force of the distorted synths and I couldn't really bring myself back to it. It's not harsh noise or anything, but it just felt kind of draining. I respect the hell out of it but I still need to really spend time with his stuff and I haven't gone back to the older stuff yet. This new one seems like it might be a nice way in though, the first preview track has a clear and steady step sequencer (or something like that) giving the consistently spaced bloops, and overall feels less like the end of the world. So this might be a good way to ease myself in to what Irisarri is about.

Giovanni Lami/Chemiefaserwerk - Globuskorbmaschine (tsss tapes)

Lami has had some releases in the past that I've really enjoyed, like one called Bias from 2016, it had an overall sound that was degraded to the point of becoming impressionistic but still maintained shape and momentum. I'm not sure what the story is with Chemiefaserwerk but they're probably cool, both the performers are credited together with field recordings and tape machines so I feel comfortable going in blind with no preview.

Bill Nace - Both (Drag City)

Nace is one of those guys who has played with so many people that I think are great (Joe Mcphee! Chris Corsano! Okkyung Lee! Greg Kelley! Samara Lubelski! Susan Alcorn! Leila Bordreuil!), but somehow I've never heard any of the stuff that he's on. It's a huge oversight on my part, but now he's got a new solo album so it seems like the perfect opportunity to set this right. I only listened to the first preview, Part 5, and it's a collection of sounds that all originated from guitar but have been pedalled into different sound spaces and they make a wonderful kind of sense together. Really looking forward to seeing what I've been missing with him.

Nídia - Não Fales Nela Que A Mentes (Príncipe)

New releases from Principe are always worth keeping an eye on, but the first new release from Nídia since 2017 is particularly exciting news. That last one was a lively and distinct mix of dance music subgenres that originate out of Angola, and I guess other subgenres too. I get confused about genre boundaries, but I can say with confidence that it's so much fun to play loud and move to, and the preview for this one sounds huge and immediately had me needing higher volumes, this is going to be a blast. And there's a separate 7 inch coming out as well! Very glad to be seeing more from her.

Jim O'Rourke - Shutting Down Here (Portraits GRM)

Joshua Minsoo Kim did an incredible interview with Jim O'Rourke recently, and there was a mention of an upcoming release connected to INA-GRM, he said it was on the level of The Visitor but for that electronic side of his work. Thanks to a tweet from @JoelPBrady I found out that the Editions Mego site says it is coming soon! And then suddenly it's been revealed to come out tomorrow! I didn't expect this to move so fast but I'm excited to hear it.

Christine Ott - Chimères (pour ondes Martenot) (NAHAL Recordings)

I found out about this from Steve Smith's Night After Night newsletter. I'm not a paying subscriber yet, but he did share a free post with his own list of notable upcoming releases, which included this album. I'm not familiar with Ott or the two musicians who join in on processing the sound, Frédéric D. Oberland & Paul Régimbeau. But the basis of the album (judging by the preview tracks) is Ott playing the ondes martenot and then Oberland & Régimbeau taking the nearly century old electronic sound and using it for separate contributions that operate with a sound grammar that wasn't available when the instrument first existed, but in a way that supports Ott's performance and the joys of this instrument's distinct sound, rather than obscuring it. So this seems like something I'll want to hear.

Lucy Railton / Max Eilbacher - Forma / Metabolist Meter (Foster, Cottin, Caetani, and a Fly) (Portraits GRM)

In addition to the O'Rourke album, Portraits GRM will also be putting out a split release, with Max Eilbacher from Horse Lords and Lucy Railton from the amazing collaboration with Peter Zinovieff that dropped earlier this year. Very glad to see these two getting highlighted here, I'm more familiar with Eilbacher's sonic head trips but Railton also seems to have a great approach to sound and I'm looking forward to learning more.

TALsounds - Acquiesce (NNA Tapes)

You may know TALsounds as part of the Good Willsmith trio, her most recent release was a solo album in 2017 called Love Sick. If you haven't heard it, you really should go back and listen, it's all singing and synth sounds and it manages to perfectly capture the queasy beauty of the title, I would recommend it for anyone who is a fan of songs. The preview tracks on here sound like they have more stability to them but still have a rich sound, so I am really looking forward to seeing the full development here.

May 27th, 2020

BONJINTAN (Sakata / O'Rourke / Di Domenico / Yamamoto) - Dental Kafka (Trost Records)

This one is a group that already had an album but I haven't heard it yet. If you don't know about Trost, it's a jazz label that has had a strong relationship with Peter Brötzmann for a while now. He's not on this album, but still, what I know from this label can get onto the extreme side of free jazz. This group is led by Akira Sakata, who I haven't heard much from but he's primarily an alto saxophonist who has been active since the 70's. He has a large body of work, which I'm only just now learning includes a Rie Nakajima collaboration from last year! I'll need to hear that. But anyways, the preview for this new album doesn't suggest it's on the scary side of free jazz, it's just avant-garde jazz, which I guess means free jazz except it doesn't sound like the instruments are mad as hell at each other. Sakata doesn't play in that skronk assault style, and then there's a passage where he drops out and Jim O'Rourke on double bass, Tatsuhisa Yamamoto on drums, and Giovanni di Domenico on piano all play something super inviting together, and Sakata eventually joins in and elevates it really nicely. I'm very interested in hearing the rest.

May 29th, 2020

Deerhoof - Future Teenage Cave Artists (Joyful Noise Recordings)

Greg Fox - Contact (RVNG Intl.)

David Grubbs & Taku Unami - Comet Meta (Blue Chopsticks)

Roly Porter - Kistvaen (Subtext Recordings)

May 31st, 2020

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe - La Dialectique Peut​-​Elle Casser​.​.​. ? (Self Released?)

June 1st, 2020

Kyle Bruckmann - Triptych (tautological) (Carrier Records)

June 5th, 2020

Amnesia Scanner - Tearless (PAN)

ize - Ize Cream Man (O___o?)

June 8th, 2020

Upsammy - Zoom (Dekmantel)

June 12th, 2020

Kate NV - Room For The Moon (RVNG Intl.)

June 19th, 2020

Brandon Seabrook Trio - Exultations (Astral Spirits)

June 22nd, 2020

Nicole M Mitchell - EarthSeed (FPE Records)

June 26th, 2020

Quin Kirchner - The Shadows and The Light (Astral Spirits)

Gábor Lázár - Source (Planet Mu)

Bérangère Maximin - Land Of Waves (Karlrecords)

Pale Spring - DUSK (Doom Trip)

Pinch - Reality Tunnels (Tectonic)

June TBA, 2020

Joseph Sannicandro - I Always Worked (Dinzu Artefacts)

Sound Kite Orchestra - The Venice Session (Dinzu Artefacts)

Philip Sulidae - Tupik (Dinzu Artefacts)

July 1st, 2020

Jordan Nobles - Chiaroscuro (Redshift)

July 10th, 2020

Sam Prekop - Comma (Thrill Jockey)

Kassel Jaeger - Swamps / Things (Shelter Press)

July 31st, 2020

Silvia Tarozzi - Mi specchio e rifletto (Unseen Worlds)

August 14th, 2020

Ellen Fullman & Theresa Wong - Harbors (Room40)

September 18th, 2020

Deradoorian - Find The Sun (Anti- Records)

Previously Listed

May 16th, 2020

Graham Dunning - Panopticon (Every Contact Leaves a Trace)

I saw Dunning stream some gameplay from Half-Life but with the sounds replaced, so that he would be able to make music by existing in and interacting with the game environment. That process is featured on this album, and I'm very curious to hear how it's come together.

May 15th, 2020

Charli XCX - How I'm Feeling Now (Atlantic / Asylum)

Charli XCX has been very open and collaborative with the process of putting this album together, and I haven't been keeping up with it. So there's going to be all sorts of significant aspects of this for the dedicated fans that I won't be picking up on. But even without that, she's a great songwriter and I like how she puts things together, so I'm sure there will still be plenty of ways this can work for me.

Crazy Doberman - Illusory Expansion (Astral Spirits)

The credits on this one are stacked with names that I'm not sure if I'm familiar with, I'm counting 16 of them. Oh wait there's John Olson at the end there, member of Wolf Eyes and a million other things who does a lot of internet meme stuff on top of that. So this is psychojazz music. That's what you're getting here. The group has a ton of cassettes and I haven't heard any of them, but I probably should because this sort of secretly careful improvised messiness iin the preview track is totally something I can get into.

Jordan Edge & Navid Asghari - Anamnesis (Opal Tapes)

Both of these names are new to me, Edge has a few releases out there and it looks like Asghari has been soundtracking British television shows and movies, and I don't have experience with any of it. The preview has a noisy electroacoustic quality to it, scrapes and tones, large vibrating metal coming into conflict with other metal or something that mimics it. I like that sort of sound, and the preview suggests a method of control that I find intriguing and don't understand, like the music takes me to a few places but the reveal is slow, if that makes any sense.

Golden Retriever and Chuck Johnson - Rain Shadow (Thrill Jockey)

Golden Retriever is the duo of Matt Carlson and Jonathan Sielaff. Carlson is responsible for one of the freakiest, most amazing doses of voice and synth from the last decade with The View From Nowhere, but Golden Retriever are more about the slow beauty. I haven't heard much recorded from Johnson but I saw him live, doing some very nice pedal steel guitar. I think these three should mix together well.

Kassel Jaeger & Jim O'Rourke - in cobalt aura sleeps (Editions Mego)

I already heard this one since Editions Mego are weird about release dates, but it will be fully released on Friday. I'm a big fan of both O'Rourke and Kassel Jaeger, and their previous collaboration was great so there was no way I was going to miss this. This one is a similar sort of well-paced sound voyage, maybe with a few more passages that feel as though they're obscured by darkness that make me want to turn up the volume to be more sure of what I'm hearing. Be careful doing that if you have thin walls and neighbors though, because they do step into the light as well.

Kazuma Kubota - Mind (Opal Tapes)

Haven't heard anything from Kubota, I guess they do noise stuff? I'm not sure if it's "noise" or "harsh noise", the preview is a bit harsh, but this still feels pleasant to me. It's not overly piercing and there's some dynamics so that it's not all loud all the time, I don't have to pull the structure out of the muck, it's clearly visible.

C. Lavender - Myth of Equilibrium (Editions Mego)

This is another one I got the early purchase on. You're going to want some headphones for this one, it's recorded in a geodesic dome with binaural equipment, and so if you've got headphones on this album basically will transport your head into that space, you'll hear all sorts of drones and soft noises with an extreme sense of clarity about where they are in the dome. And these are very well crafted sounds, if they weren't up to snuff then they'd fall apart when subjected to this sort of intense focus, but they meet the challenge.

Jerry Paper - Abracadabra (Stones Throw)

Paper has pretty firmly settled into this smooth, sort of loungey music, I don't know if it's breaking down any barriers but I think he comes up with some really nice tunes. This sort of sound could easily turn me off but there's something to his music that avoids the pitfalls, like a specific type of gloss that he avoids or something, I'm not sure. I can't really articulate why his stuff works for me, but I like hearing it.

Christian Rønn & Aram Shelton - Multiring (Astral Spirits)

Here's one I'm completely blind on, haven't even checked out the preview, but my friend Brian recommended I keep an eye out for it and Astral Spirits does great stuff with improvised music so I'm just gonna find out what the deal is when I hear it.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - The Mosaic Of Transformation (Ghostly)

I first heard Smith's music in 2015 from a post on Gorilla Vs. Bear, and between that point and the end of 2017 she released three solo albums and a collaboration with Suzanne Ciani. It was remarkable to see her push her sound at such a consistent pace. But then 2018-2019 only had minor releases, no major statements. So I'm very excited to see what she's cooked up here. It's easy to get lost in the modular synths that she uses, but she has a great knack for shepherding a song through the tangled wires and managing to keep it shining through on the other end. I haven't really checked out any of the previews so I'm not sure what sorts of developments to her sound are in store here, but I'm looking forward to finding out.

Sote - MOSCELS (Opal Tapes)

Sote's music can feel like riding a rollercoaster that is itself riding another rollercoaster, like you're going through a loop while the coaster itself is plunging down 100 feet. He has a way of making exaggeration real and I love it. He's recently been doing incredible work combining synthesis with traditional Persian techniques and instruments, but on this one he's focused exclusively on synths. This is going to be so much fun.

Tim Stine Trio - Fresh Demons (Astral Spirits)

I haven't heard Stine or the other members of the trio, but guitar, bass and drums is a fun combination. Nobody's breathing with a direct musical purpose, everyone's just doing hand stuff. The preview has some really fucked up timing, the bass keeps things from going totally free while the guitar and drums get delightfully freaky. I'm into it.

Sugarstick & Xerox - Sugarstick & Xerox (Opal Tapes)

So here's another trio, but this time it's synth, drums, and bass clarinet. The shorter preview track sort of reminds me of that Greg Fox and Ryan Soper duo album Magenta Line a little bit? That album was really cool, and the bass clarinet here seems to add a lot of potential to that sort of colorful percussive blast music, I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest of this turns out.

Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet - Det Var Folk Där Ute. Dom Är Borta Nu. (Opal Tapes)

This Swedish duo is new to me. Google Translate says this album title means "There were people out there. They're gone now." I didn't think it would come out to be something that depressing, maybe it's just bad timing and the title had earlier significance from before the global pandemic. The preview track isn't exactly upbeat, the first preview has that moody melodic ambient type of sound, everything's a bit floaty without being tethered down with strict timings, but it still maintains a form and doesn't get bleak or anything. So don't let that translation alarm you, I think there's some hopefulness in here.

Toiret Status - OTOHIME (Orange Milk)

I don't listen to enough Toiret Status, but I've enjoyed what I've heard. This is probably going to change that first part. The first preview track here, "#67" (don't worry, it's track 2 and there's only 10 total) sort of carries the spirit of heavy DSP abuse in 00's IDM, but with modern sensibilities towards having space between sounds and a playful approach in the sound selection helping it avoid what makes a lot of that older music seem so limited to me now. It's got a Co La collaboration on it as well, I think I'll be spending a good amount of time with this one.

Vladislav Delay Meets Sly & Robbie - 500-Push-Up (Sub Rosa)

I haven't heard the first collaboration between the reggae/dub duo Sly & Robbie and Vladislav Delay, but it's an interesting sounding combination so I put it down here. Vladislav Delay recently took a turn from spacey dub techno into much more abrasive territory, so maybe that quality will be more present here than in the first one.

Otomo Yoshihide & Chris Pitsiokos - Live in Florence (Astral Spirits)

Yoshihide does some really cool stuff with playing the turntable, the Les Sculpteurs De Vinyl album that he's a part of is a great one. He plays guitar and turntables on this one, and he gets some really cool sounds going on the preview track. I'm not familiar with Pitsiokos, but he's doing some great work matching the energy on alto saxophone, and it looks like he's credited with electronics as well, so it seems like we're going to get some really far out sounds on this one, and the duo format will really let the individual contributions shine.

May 8th, 2020

Dewa Alit & Gamelan Salukat - Genetic (Black Truffle)

Oren Ambarchi's Black Truffle label is always putting out cool stuff. This one is vinyl only, which means it's gonna be a while until I actually hear this one even if I did order this right now (and I can't really do that right now). But it seems very interesting. Alit is an Indonesian composer who has an affiliation with that Bang On A Can ensemble, I don't think he's on any recordings but he's done live stuff. The Gamelan Salukat portion of the name represents gamelan instruments developed by Alit, performed by 25 local young musicians. Hopefully I don't have to wait too long to hear this!

Madeleine Cocolas - Ithaca (Room40)

I keep missing stuff that Room40 puts out (though sometimes they seem to come out suddenly, I think the Lawrence English thing that came out last week was a surprise though maybe I just missed the announcement), but I took a listen to the preview tracks for this one and they seem quite nice. I'm unfamiliar with the artist, but what I heard was the sort of mix of piano and electronics that keeps on the pleasing sound but has that direct melodic quality that keeps me from using it as mood wallpaper, seems like it'll be nice to engage with.

Daedelus - What Wands Won't Break (Dome of Doom)

I discovered Daedelus' music in high school from the Tigerbeat6 Inc. compilation, and kept up with his prolific output over the years. Odds are even if you don't know the name, you've heard the music sampled on Madvillain - Accordion. But then I did my dumbass thing where I left college and wanted distance from who I was, and the combination of their distinct approach to melody and a move into cleaner sounds led me to stop keeping up. This one caught my eye though, because it's supposed to have a reduced emphasis on melody and a less clean sound. The preview tracks seem to confirm this and sound like a lot of fun, I think I'm back in.

Fire-Toolz - Rainbow Bridge (Hausu Mountain)

Honestly you should just read this profile in the Chicago Reader if you're not aware of this album or Fire-Toolz. But if you're in a hurry, I guess I would call her music risky, because she's synthesizing all sorts of influences that can be off-putting to people, the sort of things that follow statements like "I like all music except...", like there's harsh metal vocals and bright synths and just so much activity, the listener is given so many opportunities to check out. But the sincerity behind it is so clear, and every aspect of it that's pushed me out of my comfort zone has been greatly rewarding, I love it.

France Jobin - Death is perfection, everything else is relative (Editions Mego)

Technically, the release date for this got bumped up to May 1st on Bandcamp, and I missed that, but it looks like it's hitting other retailers and I'd imagine the streaming services as well on this date, so I'm featuring it here. I've heard a little bit of Jobin's work via the 2016 album Singulum. The gorgeous and slow moving approach to electronic sounds seems like it is continued on here, though on an emotional level it seems like this like this will get into some heavier territory, going by the description the label has.

Okkyung Lee - Yeo​-​Neun (Shelter Press)

Here's something I've already listened to via the preview stream that The Wire put up. I've heard some of Lee's music and it had a lot of noisy and far out cello playing, very cool stuff but probably not the sort of thing you'd want to listen to with your parents, unless you have a sonically adventurous parents. But this album is a quartet with Lee on cello and three other musicians on harp, piano and bass, the music is full of melody and it is not scary! Wonderful stuff, safe for the whole family without any sacrifice to substantially interesting musical content.

Grischa Lichtenberger - kamihan ; il y a peril en la demeure (Raster)

This took me a bit to put together because the Boomkat description appears to be from an earlier album, the first in a 5 part series that Lichtenberger started in 2015. So I thought this was a repress, but it said this date for the digital release, so I did a bit of digging and saw on Forced Exposure that this is in fact the conclusion of the series. Apparently I missed the middle of this series that was covered by a triple EP. I'm glad I figured it all out though because Lichtenberger does really great work with making hard-hitting beats that twist up mechanical sounds using all sorts of irregular human qualities, it's always great to hear something new from him.

Michele Mercure - Pictures of Echos (Freedom To Spend)

I love the perspective that Freedom To Spend has developed in the archival releases they put out, they've helped pull so much character-rich electronic music out of obscurity and it all makes sense together in a way that I don't know how to explain. They put out a previous compilation from Mercure called "Beside Herself", it has this song called "An Accident Waiting To Happen" and it's such a fun one to play to people, it takes screeching tires and crash noises and mixes them with drum machines and driving synths, coming out at the end with a total jam. And she's got a lot more range than just that! I haven't heard any previews of what is on this one but I'm sure it is cool.

Ways + Simon Toldam - Fortunes (Lorna Records)

This is one I was lucky enough to get a promo for, but I still don't know if I have a good handle on it. I like to be in this position, so I've got no complaints. Ways is a duo of alto sax and drums, and then Toldam plays piano, and they make very restrained music that gets a lot of strangeness out of a minimal sound. There's something to it that makes me think of cylindrical piano rolls with plenty of blank space driving each instrument, with irregular sizes driving the potential for looseness in how long a cycle can take or how closely they sync up, and through that process finding unusually perfect synchronizations. I don't think I can do the whole thing justice in a description, that certainly doesn't describe everything this album holds. This is absolutely something I want to go deeper with.

May 7th, 2020

Sote - Parallel Persia Remixes (Diagonal)

Mark Fell & Rashad Becker turn in remixes for Sote's amazing album from last year. These three names are behind some incredible electronic sounds so this is an extremely packed small release and I will not be missing it.

May 5th, 2020

Beatriz Ferreyra - Huellas Entreveradas (Persistence Of Sound)

After recently being converted to Ferreyra fandom via the Room40 release in March, here she is with another three pieces of musique concrete. This one features a recent composition from 2018, so I'm really interested in seeing what that's like. But if anything was clear to me from the previous release, I need to hear Ferreyra music from all possible eras, so this is all very welcome.

May 1st, 2020

Bit Folder - Silicon Frontier (Central Processing Unit)

Not familiar with this artist but I'm trying to keep up with CPU because I've found that I really enjoy what they put out. I'm bad at genres but I keep seeing electro thrown around for a lot of these, alongside IDM and techno, and it seems like that applies here but I can't say that confidently. But maybe that gives you some idea if this is of interest to you, it definitely sounds good to me.

N. Chambers - [Unknown Title] (Self Released)

Norm Chambers has said that he'll have something up for Friday, and he has such a fantastic approach to making music with synthesizers, utilizing distinct timbres and relationships between sounds that avoid the cliches of what the machines want you to make. I am always interested in seeing what else he has to offer.

Elysia Crampton - OCORARA 2010 (PAN)

First things first, "all proceeds go to the American Indian Movement West / AIM SoCal chapters", so your money is going to a good cause should you choose to grab this one. Crampton has been putting out some amazing music over the years, often getting placed under the deconstructed club banner but bringing an anti-colonial perspective to the use of influences that really sets her apart. This was originally a commision for Biennale de l’Image en Mouvement 2018, so it seems less explosive than what I normally expect from her, but it sounds like she is creating something beautiful in this format so I've got no complaints.

CV & JAB - Landscape Architecture (Self Released?)

Christina Vantzou and John Also Bennett's first collaboration left me feeling very confused. There was something to the music, that much is sure, but I didn't really know what to make of it. But recently I have been experiencing great relief from Bennett's Music For Save Rooms, so I think I'm in a better position to recieve whatever they've cooked up together.

Sarah Davachi - Five Cadences (Self Released)

No idea what is up with this one but I saw Davachi mention she had this coming on Twitter, and she does incredible stuff, her recent performance for Experimental Sound Studio's Quarantine Sessions was the sort of captivating cloud of long notes that pulls me in

Deerhoof - Surprise Symphonies (Joyful Noise Recordings)

Here's a b-sides and rarities compilation from Deerhoof that was included with the massive cassette boxset they had earlier this year, so it's previously released on multiple levels but I'm pretty sure this will all be new to me. They were a big part of my musical life when I was at college but I think I put too much of that time into them, because I ended up distinguishing the next stage of life by having significantly less Deerhoof in it. But I've been coming to realize that they've kept doing great work in the time since then, so it will be nice to catch up on some of this stuff that I missed.

dreamcrusher - Panopticon! (PTP)

I listened to the preview track for this after watching a YTP (YouTube Poop), and the YTP did the thing that a lot of them do where one part of the video is suddenly VERY LOUD. So I was primed, but I was still shocked by how loud and noisy the song I was hearing was getting, and it just did not let up the whole time. Like you can still make out that this is a song and that there's instruments and structure, but the noise is so strong here. I am very glad I'm paying attention to PTP (the label) because I hadn't heard anything from this prolific artist and they seem cool.

Emeralds - [Unknown Title] (Self Released)

John Elliott said on Twitter that they're starting up an Emeralds Bandcamp and it will include "unreleased, rare and live stuff". As a fan of synths, linear music, and zoning out, this is good news! A lot of that rare stuff will be new to me because I never went too deep into their huge catalog, it'll be fun to see what I've been missing.

Karl Fousek - Another Use For Time (Phinery)

Fousek just released an album of short pieces for a serge modular system, which led me to finally get on his Bandcamp subscription. And now here's another new one, part of which draws from a show 11 months ago that I attended. There was a lot of cool spatialization stuff that seems like it was translated nicely to stereo recording, which is important because what he's doing with accumulation really benefits from it. Looking forward to seeing how the rest of it all fits together.

M. Geddes Gengras - Time Makes Nothing Happen (Self Released)

Gengras has a new one with 10 tracks of "rhythmic synthesizer music" lasting 55 minutes. He gets some wonderful sounds out of these machines and I'm always glad to hear some more. Most of what I've heard from him is stuff that I get lost in, where time doesn't feel all strictly divided, but this sounds like you could dance to it. This preview track "bend (edit)" has repeating step sequences that make gradual changes, and great reverb usage like at the beginning where it's a high frequency drum hit will ring out and evoke one space but then this mid-frequency envelopeless sound comes in after and has a different sense of space to it, so there seems like there will still be plenty to get lost in. But you can do that while dancing now.

Sarah Hennies - Forager (Self Released)

Here is the full hour long version of a piece that appeared on Hennies' 2018 album Embedded Environments. If you're not familiar, she does really incredible compositions primarily featuring percussion, last year's Reservoir 1 is an amazing experience. This piece was recorded in a silo, resulting in a very interesting magnification of all the sounds.

Klara Lewis - Ingrid (Editions Mego)

I haven't spent enough time with Lewis' previous albums, but I don't think they would have prepared me for this. Looks like it's going to be a longform loud ambient type of thing, I can be kind of particular about the timbres in that music but the preview sounds good to me.

Koeosaeme & CVN - Split Series Vol. V (Orange Milk)

I've only seen this mentioned on Twitter but I guess it'll be up on the Orange Milk Bandcamp on Friday if it's not already. And Orange Milk are having a huge sale for Friday, 50% off with the code 50off, so you should definitely be stopping by there anyways. These two have had some really cool releases on the label, the Koeosaeme one from last year is quite the sound adventure, so this split should be worth checking out.

Lord Of The Isles feat. Ellen Renton - Whities 029 (Whities)

Whities does cool stuff, not familiar with the musician or poet involved here, but the preview tracks have a nice mix of synths and poem reading so I'm interested in seeing what this is all about.

LXV - Fyzz (Self Released?)

I've mentioned before how much I enjoyed LXV's album from last year, and this is more electronic music with a bright album cover featuring a drawing of an insect. But this track shows a whole lot of new things for me to enjoy, everything feels slower and smaller, the rhythmic elements are degraded down to small fragments and shy tones peek out from a blanketing one. The way I'm engaging with this and feeling pulled into the music seems different from how it went with the last one, and this expanded vocabulary seems very promising.

Sean McCann / Matthew Sullivan / Alex Twomey - Saturday Night (Recital)

This short clip gives some idea of what this will sound like, but who knows? I would be extremely pleased if it kept up this vibe of slow quiet instruments and room noises, there's this tasteful warm weirdness to it that I am completely on board with. But I'm sure if they push into other territory that could work too.

model home - One Year (Disciples)

I found out about this Disciples label from the archival Bogdan Raczynski thing they put out last year, wasn't sure what to expect but it seems like this label has some range. This track will let you know that we should be in for something here. I guess some people are already aware since this is a compilation from a bunch of mixtapes that this MC & producer duo have been putting out, and they have this lofi homespun weirdness that sounds very special. It's the sort of thing where even after the initial shock wears off, there's a lot going on with the music that will continue to be rewarding.

Prants - Axon Ladder (anòmia)

Prants' sole 2015 release Hot Shaker Meet Lead Donut has been a favorite of mine since I came across it. The duo of Bhob Rainey and Chris Cooper made this 29 minute electroacoustic thing that ranges from harsher tones to smaller sounds, it's a dynamic experience. I was struck by how quickly I cared about what the sounds were doing. Even with the element of harshness, I found it really easy to throw it on and have a good time, and I've spent a lot of time with it. Now they've got this much larger release, it's gonna be a CD/DVD I guess so the DVD can provide quad audio, and look at this artwork in progress, there's so much. So I'm probably not going to have the same easy "just toss this one on" relationship here, but I think these guys can absolutely deliver on something ambitious, this could be huge.

The Soft Pink Truth - Shall We Go On Sinning So That Grace May Increase? (Thrill Jockey)

Drew Daniel's Soft Pink Truth has documented many of his genre interests that don't get covered under the Matmos stuff, but none of it has ever seemed like something I would call smooth. Just look at this video. There's still a vibrancy to the music, the colorful video is appropriate, but the contributions from Deradoorian and Sarah Hennies and all the sounds Daniels brings in are all really beautiful. The harshest element is probably like the drum component that has a phaser on it or something, which is a really nice touch. But yeah I am so psyched for Daniel to explore this part of his interests, and it looks like he's brought a lot of good people along to help and that's awesome too.

Speaker Music - Percussive Therapy (Self Released)

DeForrest Brown Jr. has been making some excellent moves into producing music after doing so much with writing about it, his 2019 Planet Mu album was this amazing combo of trumpet and electronic percussion. His approach to rhythm disrupts linear time in a way that I'm still not sure how to adequately talk about, but I love hearing it, and from the preview here it sounds like he's continuing to develop that sound and I am very excited to hear more.

Sunwatchers - Brave Rats (Amish Records)

It hasn't even been a month since Sunwatchers' album came out and now here's an EP on Amish Records. I'm mostly familiar with Amish from their Required Wreckers series of far out electronic sounds, so it'll be nice to check off two boxes and get more into Amish's main stream and also get another dose of Sunwatchers' psychedelic jazz-rock.

Max Tundra - [Unknown Title] (Self Released)

Some "long-lost Tundra relics" will be showing up on Friday, and I'm glad to hear it. I was just listening to Some Best Friend You Turned Out To Be for the 20th anniversary of that album, and it still blows me away how that album can be so much fun and so impossible to categorize. Maybe this new thing will be from an earlier era or from the later synthpop stuff, I figure if it's "long"-lost then probably more like the former, but I'm eager to find out.

Various Artists - New York Dance Music Vol. 2 (Towhead Recordings)

Volume 1 for this came out in March, and I still haven't heard it but there's a lot of people who have been doing some really cool stuff recently like AceMo, MoMa Ready, Kush Jones, and J. Albert. There's also a bunch of names that I need to be introduced to, so I think both of these compilations will be good to hear, it seems like some fantastic dance music is being produced here lately.

ZULI - Trigger Finger Remixes (Haunter Records)

If you've been checking out recordings of Aphex Twin's DJ sets over the past few years, you've probably heard some of ZULI's stuff even if the name is unfamiliar. You should know his name if you're into that sort of thing, he does not fuck around. This release has a bunch of remixes from people like Lee Gamble, AYA, and Acre. They have some great source material here, should be cool to see where they all take it.

April 24th, 2020

Frans de Waard & Martijn Comes - Various Weights (Moving Furniture Records)

Something in the experimental/sound art field, a collaboration with two solo tracks, where each person is working with sounds provided by the other. I'm unfamiliar with the artists, but I've been meaning to look into Moving Furniture more, and I like this sort of remix approach to collaboration, so I'm interested in checking this one out.

Filmmaker - Royal Dungeon EP (Opal Tapes)

Haven't heard much of Filmmaker yet, I'm not super deep into the whole industrial techno thing, but I like some of what I've heard from both Filmmaker and that genre as a whole.

Matthew D. Gantt - Diagnostics (Orange Milk Records)

This got some kind of early Bandcamp release and I didn't notice, but I guess it'll probably be on the other streaming services this Friday. What I've heard from it is far out, like there was this whole thing 10 years ago with a collective called paintfx.biz, you can still see some of the art there, but their whole thing (which I remember seeing referred to as Defaultism among other terms) is what I think of with the contemporary use of basic MIDI soundfont sounds, and I am into it, especially when it gets as abstract as this one.

Ewa Justka - Upside Down Smile (Editions Mego)

Here's another one that had an early Bandcamp release, though Editions Mego are always fuzzy with release dates. Justka is one of those wild genius types, a PhD student who has all sorts of knowledge about building electronic instruments, and applies it to the creation of weird headflossing music with this really precise approach to distortion and all sorts of other treats for the ears.

Dane Law - Algorithmic Music for Synthesised Strings (Astral Plane Recordings)

Law had a collaboration with Of Habit on Opal Tapes that I really enjoyed, and I like algorithmic stuff so this should be worth checking out.

Steven Lehman - Xenakis and the Valedictorian (Pi Recordings)

Pi Recordings is beginning a series of digital releases to raise money for freelance musicians affected by COVID-19 with this recording of Lehman on alto saxophone in his car. It seems like it's short pieces, the preview track is under a minute and sounds pretty wild. Apparently it was made as a gift for his 80 year old mother with supremely adventurous taste, like she played Xenakis - Bohor for his haunted house themed 10th birthday party according to the description. So you can celebrate a cool mom for a good cause with this one.

Macula Dog - Breezy (Wharf Cat Records)

I saw Macula Dog play live where they each had some kind of headgear on with projections of their faces coming out of the back of the head, so that they'd have their heads on the wall bouncing around based on how the actual heads moved. I've heard they make zolo music, and that genre seems made up, but I guess they can be a little goofy. But it's necessary, the compositions couldn't be what they are without the cartoonish exaggeration in the sounds, and you have to have some sense of humor for that.

more eaze - mari (Orange Milk Records)

I found out about more eaze from that recent claire rousay collaboration, and that is one of the highlights of my listening this year (why not give it a listen). Her approach to vocal presentation and melody seems like it will lead to some really fresh pop music, so I'm very interested in seeing what this one has in store.

Ervin Omsk - Peilen (Orange Milk Records)

I think I am going to have a lot of fun discovering how these sounds make sense together.

Osheyack - Memory Hierarchy (SVBKVLT)

Taken from a live performance at 2019's Unsound Festival, this is some sort of dance music with lots of different wordless voices popping up with shouts and gasps, at least on the preview track. Though the description on the release makes it a bit difficult to tell what exactly to expect, it seems like it should be interesting.

Lorenzo Senni - Scacco Matto (Warp)

Senni is a really interesting character, he has a label called Presto?! that will put out some really abstract stuff from people like the guy who wrote the book on granular synthesis, Curtis Roads. But Senni's music is this really immediate drumless construction of synth lines, with a heavy connection to trance. I sort of flirted with getting into trance with some mp3.com artists back in the day before going in a different direction, but I think this guy can help bring me to the joys of it and open my mind a little.

Chad Taylor Trio featuring Brian Settles and Neil Podgurski - The Daily Biological (Cuneiform Records)

Here's Chad Taylor showing up again, that guy has been busy. Here he is leading a drums/saxophone/piano trio, and that's a nice combo (listen to Diom Futa if you don't believe me).

Various Artists - HausMo Mixtape II (Hausu Mountain)

Here's a great opportunity to hear tracks off of the many great release Hausu Mountain has already put out, and a preview from the hotly anticipated Quicksails album.

Zeroh - BLQLYTE (Leaving Records)

The vocal performances on the preview tracks for this show so much range, Zeroh moves from rapping to singing and varietes of processing in a way that so confidently makes it's own kind of sense. And the music around the voice is full of all sorts of dark flourishes, this seems like it could all come together very nicely.

April 17th, 2020

Rob Clutton Trio - Council Of Primaries (SnailBongBong Records)

I've actually heard this in full because I was given a promo, which is cool because this wasn't really on my radar at all. Clutton has been on some recordings with people I know of, but his activities and those of the Toronto jazz scene in general weren't really something I was close to stumbling into unprompted. But I'm glad I was, because there's something I need to dig in on here. The drumming on here from Nick Fraser will jump from clean hits to some sort of technique that warps the sound, and feels like some sort of inversion, creating a vacuum where he was previously pushing outward. I was really struck by the track Thing One, the way Clutton plays for some of it, it's like he's establishing a tempo and then jumping to a different one. I've been a bit unfocused with my listening habits due to all of the quarantine stress, so I need to go much deeper with this one, like I don't even know how to address Karen Ng's saxophone but the range she covers seems very significant to making this album what it is. I'd certainly recommend this one, it has some particular delights to it.

James Brandon Lewis / Chad Taylor - Live in Willisau (Intakt Records)

Taylor has been showing up with some great drumming on all sorts of albums I like, from the Sticks and Stones stuff with Joshua Abrams and Matana Roberts in the early 00's to the Chicago Underground Quartet album that just came out a few of weeks ago. I'm unfamiliar with Lewis, but I guess he had an album last year with Jaimie Branch on it so I'll probably need to check that out if I like what I'm hearing here.

Alvin Lucier - String Noise (Black Truffle)

Lucier is not just the guy who was sitting in a room, he is an active composer, with some great stuff that explores sound's capacity to act as a carrier of space in a way that resonantes with younger composer's, like the Lea Bertucci album that just came out a couple of days before this. One of the compositions on this is from 2019 and Google says he is 88 years old, that's so cool.

Plone - Puzzlewood (Ghost Box Records)

It has been 21 years since Plone released their last album and I am so excited to hear where they're at now. Even if they're not making as music as wonderful and playful as they used to, I'll still be happy to see what it is. But looking at the colors on the cover, it seems like it's going to be a playful one.

Tomeka Reid / Alexander Hawkins - Shards and Constellations (Intakt Records)

I forgot to keep track of what Intakt was putting out, missed a few but this caught my eye. I've been hearing Reid play cello on some stuff like Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds from Nicole Mitchell, and she always seems to be an active part of why the music is great, so I need to be trying to hear more from her. I'm not familiar with Hawkins, he's in the UK, playing with people like Evan Parker and Han Bennink, so he's probably someone I should know. So this should be a fun way to learn more and also this is just a piano and cello album, it's nice to get some drumless jazz going.

See Through 4 - False Ghosts, Minor Fears (All-Set Editions)

This is another album I've got a promo of, though I wasn't able to spend as much time grappling with it as the Rob Clutton Trio album. It features Karen Ng and Nick Fraser as well, but with a different double bassist named Pete Johnston behind the compositions, and piano from Marilyn Lemer. This one can get slow, but never seems to be using negative space the same way as the Clutton Trio album, there's always some sense of propulsion to it and it can even get quite jaunty at times. I mean, the tonality of the piano and sax together is a bit weird so maybe this isn't traditionally the sort of thing that you'd call jaunty, but it would work for a very specific type of upbeat stroll. I'm not sure how I'd describe the whole sound, even if I had listened to it many more times I don't think I'd be able to describe it better than the "prog chamber jazz" description it has on the bandcamp page. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, this one is worth checking out.

Mako Sica / Hamid Drake - Balancing Tear (Astral Spirits)

The frame drum work that Drake does on Joshua Abrams - Magnetoception is some of my favorite drumming, so I'm always going to take an interest in seeing his name pop up on something new. I'm unfamiliar with Mako Sica but apparently they're some sort of trio, one of the people is credited with a wide assortment of instruments, and the preview track sort of has that cosmically spiritual thing going on. That all sounds promising to me.

April 15th, 2020

Lea Bertucci - Acoustic Shadows (SA Recordings)

Bertucci makes some incredible music that does a lot of great stuff with sound's capacity to act as a carrier for space, and the language of sounds she gets out of her alto saxophone is so rich and precisely developed. This album is an adaptation of a live event, constructing two 20 minute pieces out of multiple performances with additional musicians in a massive enclosed space under a bridge. I can't wait to be enveloped by it.

April 10th, 2020

DJ Python - Mas Amable (Incienso)

The preview track here is doing a sort of weird dub/illbient thing with heavy delay feedback on some slowly spoken words in a way that reminds me of Leslie Winer & Jay Glass Dubs - YMFEES, and I love that album so I'm definitely going to check this one out. The preview track has a bit of a different approach to rhythm than YMFEES, there's some stuff that I don't understand but I'm into it in a big way.

Laurel Halo - Possessed (The Vinyl Factory)

Laurel Halo is one of my favorite artists working today, and even though this is a soundtrack (something I think is difficult to make work on its own since it's tied to another medium) I still think this could overcome my biases against the format.

Menzi - Impazamo (Hakuna Kulala)

I haven't dug into the Gqom music coming out of South Africa, so I'm not at all qualified to speak on what it is or isn't, but the preview track on this sounds really cool so maybe this will be my way in.

Bogdan Raczynski - Debt EP (Unknown To The Unknown)

Raczynski had an excellent archival release last year of material from the 90s, but it seems like this EP is some brand new stuff. He has proven over and over that he knows how to have a great time throwing drums all over the place (I can't recommend his "I Will Eat Your Children Too!" EP enough), but the drums on the preview track here seem much different to me, with a steady bass drum that glides around on the pitch a little, but otherwise steadily throbs away while other loops accumulate around it. It gets changed up after some time, but the loop process seems very central to what this music does, in a way that seems pretty different from the old stuff. I'm very curious to see how the rest of this shapes up.

Charles Rumback - June Holiday (Astral Spirits)

Back in October of last year, Astral Spirits sent out an email describing their 2020 planned releases, saying that this one would be a "Vince Guaraldi-esque piano trio record", and I thought that sounded promising. The prospect sounds even more appealing to me right now.

Squarepusher - Lamental (Warp)

I guess I already own this digitally because I got Be Up A Hello through Bleep. That's cool. I liked that album, so I figure I'll get something out of this companion EP as well.

Sunwatchers - Oh Yeah? (Trouble In Mind Records)

I actually have heard this one already via a stream from The Wire, it's a lively sort of instrumental rock music that uses lots of repeating lines on a linear structure. They have a saxophone too, so I want to make a comparison to the big minimalism rock of bands like 75 Dollar Bill and Horse Lords, though the specific way this one can get rollicking makes it feel like its own beast.

Various Artists - Doom Mix Vol. IV (Doom Trip)

Doom Trip is a label with a wide range of sounds presented in their catalog. They've built up quite a roster, with this compilation featuring exclusive tracks from Fire-Toolz, Nmesh, Mukqs, Dntel, Cruel Diagonals and more. The Bandcamp description suggests that a lot of care was put into making all of this different music make sense together, it's a difficult thing to pull off but I think they may have done it.

Various Artists - NAAFI X (NAAFI)

This compilation celebrates the 10th year of NAAFI. They're a label out of Mexico City with a focus on dance music. I haven't explored them enough, but they seem to be putting out some very interesting stuff that gets into futuristic territory while drawing from regional music of Mexico.

April 7th, 2020

Hiele - Stadspark (Radio Tests Antwerpen)

Hiele came to my attention from the end of 2016 list that Entr'acte had made for Boomkat, which highlighted a really peculiar album that has a mix of synth tones and drums that manage to stay soft without sacrificing excitement. In the years since then he's had a soundtrack and very recently a short release of buchla music easel sketches, but this new one sounds like it will build on what drew me in with the 2016 album. There's a queasiness in the preview track that seems to be some different territory, but I feel just as hooked as before, very excited to see what the rest of this sounds like.

April 3rd, 2020

Félicia Atkinson - EVERYTHING EVAPORATE (Shelter Press)

Very nice to wake up to a surprise album from Atkinson scheduled for the immediate future. She does really great stuff with contemporary fidelity, using voice recordings that make breath noises matter and allowing sounds to have a sort of matte finish. The description says this features additional voices, I am very curious to see where that takes things.

Clarice Jensen - The experience of repetition as death (130701)

Jensen is a cellist who released something last year called "Drone Studies", and it was such a great combination of performance with the cello and processing/construction, the way it moved through layered constructions into a unified sound with that little bit of extra push on processing a specific sound out of the source, I thought it was some really engaging stuff, and I'm interested in this followup.

Minor Science - Second Language (Whities)

I love the songs I've heard from Minor Science, he has a really cool way of creating something idiosyncratic from various areas of dance music while still being something I could dance to, and now here he is with a debut album, very excited for this one.

RXM Reality - blood blood blood blood (Hausu Mountain)

I hadn't heard this artist at all but I watched the performance he gave during one of Experimental Sound Studio's Quarantine Concerts (check out their schedule for lots of more cool looking events, and give a donation for the artists if you are able!), this performance was so awesome, a thrilling blast of sounds. It seems like it's difficult to reach this level of intricacy in construction without getting in the way of the forward motion, but I can still bop around to it.

Sun Araw - Rock Sutra (Drag City)

I haven't kept up with Sun Araw as much as I should, but apparently this is "the first album recorded live-to-midi with the band", so I guess I hadn't missed this bonkers development. This track "Catalina" sounds weird as hell and I love it. There's this tiny beat doing this dizzy rhythm while artificial sounds irregularly stab around it until they feel regular, and they all exist in this isolated virtual space but then there's this swelling sound that exists separately and sometimes provides a sense of being in the open air. And also there's vocals.

Thundercat - It Is What It Is (Brainfeeder)

Artists sometimes can get to a place where I see them as inescapably themselves, they grow and change and get older but there's never anything that betrays how they seemed when I was introduced to them. I think this is more an issue for the listener than the artist, I don't think it's an artistic problem that should necessarily be addressed. But I kind of get that way with Thundercat. Maybe this one will change it, but even if it doesn't that's OK.

Trash Panda QC - Jumps 19 (Conditional)

Conditional is good at finding people who do great work with the advances in live computer music, and the preview track is quite the journey into some abstracted rhythm, sounding the way it looked when you get a scrambled, somewhat legible signal for a cable tv channel that you aren't paying for.

Webber/Morris Big Band - Both Are True (Greenleaf Music)

This one chat room I'm in had some people pushing Anna Webber's album from 2019 "Clockwise", and I'm so glad they did because it was something I needed to hear. It's this peculiar jazz that draws from 20th century percussion composition from people like Xenakis and Stockhausen, and finds a place for all of it in this powerful, colorful statement. I'm mostly unfamiliar with Angela Morris, but she is on J. Pavone String Ensemble's album from last year and that was also really great. This album has Webber and Morris leading a big band of 18 musicians, so this seems like a great way to see new aspects of these two composers and find out about a bunch of other musicians that I don't know yet.

Yves Tumor - Heaven To A Tortured Mind (Warp)

I've really liked what Yves Tumor has been doing, the transition from the ethereal sounds of Serpent Music to the more direct songs of Safe In The Hands Of Love was so cool to see, and the single from this album suggests they're really making a play at something more popular, while still continuing to do the weird multi-tracked constructed super-vocalist thing from the previous album. This should be interesting, and will also end up being compared to so many different artists, and none of the comparisons will entirely make sense.

April 2nd, 2020

Klaus Filip & Moé Kamura - p a s s a g e i n (Winds Measure Recordings)

I know Filip s music from fantastic electroacousic improvisation albums like Messier Objects, and Kamura has done vocals and guitar with Taku Sugimoto on those lovely and quiet Saritote albums. No idea what sort of music they'll make together but it should be cool.

March 27th, 2020

David Behrman, Paul DeMarinis, Fern Friedman, Terri Hanlon, and Anne Klingensmith - She's More Wild... (Black Truffle)

This is some archival thing from 1981, never released. No idea what it's going to sound like but Oren Ambarchi's Black Truffle label does extremely high quality work. With that in mind, plus the album cover and the description from the artists of "Western Performance Noir", I'm sure this will be worthwhile.

Chicago Underground Quartet - Good Days (Astral Spirits)

I like what I've heard from Rob Mazurek, Jeff Parker, and Chad Taylor, but have never heard the Chicago Underground Quartet album they took part in back in 2001. The preview track on here is a take on Alan Shorter's piece Orgasm, and I especially love how Parker's guitar and Taylor's drums go off when it really gets going. It may not be too indicative of how the rest of this will go since the rest is all composed by the group members, but it sure does seem promising.

Gerald Cleaver - Signs (577 Records)

I saw Dave Segal mention this, the first solo album from a jazz drummer who has worked with people like Henry Threadgill, working in the field of electronic music. Segal's write-up in The Stranger is good so if you really need some convincing just give that a read.

ELEH - Harmonic Twins (Important Records)

The description says this is "slow moving monophony tuned to the overtone vocalizations generated by a particularly beautiful sound sculpture made by Harry Bertoia". You should take a look at Bertoia's Sonambient sound sculptures in action here to get an idea of what we're dealing with here, if you've never seen or heard them. I'm thinking this will be a very nice one to get lost in.

Liberty Ellman - Last Desert (Pi Recordings)

I'm unfamiliar with the artist, but I've really been enjoying diving in to the jazz tha Pi is putting out, so I'd like to see what's going on here.

Bernard Fort - FRACTALS / Brain Fever (Recollection GRM)

Recollections GRM has reissued and also dug up unreleased archives of some wonderful far out electronic sounds, this one is from an artist I've never heard and features an older previously released piece (released in 96 but recorded in 81) and something newer from 2017. Only heard the preview of the older piece, it sounds like a playful mass of crunchy long sounds that glide around in pitch, I'm very curious to hear the whole thing and see how the newer work compares.

Annie Hall - Fum (Central Processing Unit)

Still making my way into CPU's catalog, so I haven't heard Hall's previous EP. But the preview here sounds like some great melodic IDM so I'll be checking it out.

Roscoe Mitchell & Ostravaska Banda - Distant Radio Transmission (Wide Hive Records)

I saw this listed on Forced Exposure, no idea what it sounds like but I like what I've heard from Roscoe Mitchell and the cover shows him with an orchestra, and the description talks about it being based on a transcription of an improvisation and other interesting stuff, I would like to hear this.

The Necks - Three (Northern Spy)

I've never listened to The Necks, but I've heard a lot of people speak highly of them so I figure I'll give this one a try.

Razen - Robot Brujo (Hands In The Dark)

Hands In The Dark have put out some really cool albums from people like Byron Westbrook or Piotr Kurek, they seem worth keeping up with so I'm going to check this one out without knowing much about it.

Nick Storring - My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell (Orange Milk Records)

I've slowly been realizing that Storring is a really great musician via his Exaptations and Qualms albums, they both consist of two pieces that are around 20 minutes long and go through a whole emotional journey with numerous acoustic and acoustic-sounding instruments. This one will have shorter durations, so don't get intimidated if you're unfamiliar, this looks like a great place to jump in.

March 20th, 2020

Container - Scramblers (A L T E R)

I've really enjoyed Container's music over the years, it's the sort of thing that makes me wonder why I'd ever need coffee if I have his noisy live techno to blast. The sample track makes me think this is going to be an especially concentrated dose.

Beatriz Ferreyra - Echos + (Room40)

Recollections GRM put out a compilation of Ferreyra's music and I still haven't listened to it. The preview track here makes me think that I am making a huge mistake by remaining ignorant, this is some incredible musique concrete. It is time to take the overdue journey into what she's doing.

Nick Forté - Enter The Jargon (Schematic)

I enjoyed Forté's IDM stuff on Schematic and Sublight back in the 00's, but what really blew me away was this extremely wild release from 2015 for Amish Record's Required Wreckers series. He manually crafted 5 one second waveforms without listening to them, and used those to build the album. That album is essential. This one seems to fit in more with what I know from his 00's output, but there's some really intriguing things going on in how the preview track is constructed, I'm on board.

Golem Mecanique - Nona, Decima et Morta (Ideologic Organ)

Stephen O'Malley's Ideologic Organ label (a sub-label of Editions Mego) puts out some cool stuff, no idea about this musician but from the description she has some sort of weird hurdy-gurdy type instrument that I am assuming is behind the rich drone on the preview track. Or maybe that's something else, but whatever it is, it sounds fantastic. There's vocals too, so don't go thinking that drone is all this has. I might not be ready for however ominous this one will get, but on the other hand maybe I'm exactly as ready as I should be.

Hoshina Anniversary - Odoriko (Alien Jams)

I've enjoyed what I've heard from Alien Jams, they seem to cover a fair amount of territory going from music connected to electronic dance music subgenres, like Nochexxx - Planet Bangs, to more abstract longform explorations from Kepla. This seems to be on the former side, but the bandcamp description mentions "mesaured dynamic atmosphere", which seems like exactly the right term. The preview track doesn't come out guns blazing and drums banging. It's not relaxed, it didn't sound frantic or anything, but there's a compelling restlessness that brings unexpected twists driven by subtle details.

Irreversible Entanglements - Who Sent You? (International Anthem)

The first Irreversible Entanglements album was a really striking mix of urgent, substantive poetry from Camae Ayewa (aka Moor Mother) with a sort of free jazz that rises to that urgency while holding a groove together when needed. I am excited to see what they bring to this moment.

JC Leisure - Mutations For (Warm Winters Ltd.)

I'm pretty sure this guy is behind the release JC - HEAVY_LAYERS_0​.​5​.​wav, something I came across through some random circumstances. I had a blast with the overdriven and fragmented sampling of jungle, garage, and hardcore mixtapes from 1994-2002 on that album. This seems like it's going to be pulling from similar sample sources, but with a much quieter approach if the preview track is any indication.

Mukqs - Anaglyph (Self-Released)

You may know Mukqs from co-running the Hausu Mountain label or from the group Goodwill Smith. This is a very recent recording, from March 17th, taking material that had been developed for a live set last year and running it through a chain of loop devices. That may make it sound like you're going to get some sort of loop soup here, but the preview track has all sorts of jagged edges to it, it's not getting lost in the murk, it's living in a relaxed whirlwind of synth sequences. You also might be thinking "well it's rushed out tho so it's going to sound rough", but that's wrong too, it sounds like Angel Marcloid did a fine job on the mastering.

Prolaps - Pure Mud Volume 7 (Hausu Mountain)

This is Machine Girl and Bonnie Baxter, who you may have heard collaborating on the track "Vomit" from Machine Girl's 2017 album. Both of them have been doing great work since then (go check out Bonnie Baxter's solo releases), so I don't even need to hear any previews to know that I want to see what they can do together over an entire album.

Seven Orbits - EP0001 (SVBKVLT)

I started paying attention to SVBKVLT after last year's releases from 33EMYBW, Slikback & Hyph11E, and Gabber Modus Operandi. Those were all some very fresh and thrilling doses of beat-centric electronic music. This is the debut release from Seven Orbits sounds like it will keep up the trend, I guess it's using some sort of software live performance setup for audio and visuals. Even if the visuals will be missing here, the preview track makes me think that the live performance aspect will lead to some very interesting quirks in the music.

March 18th, 2020

Heaven Copy - Carry Me Home (A R C H I V E)

The people I follow on Bandcamp were buying LXV's album from 2019, and it had a very striking cover. So after seeing it multiple times I decided to check it out, and I was blown away by the distinct sound and approach to non-overwhelming abstraction. This is an alias I've never heard from LXV, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the deal is.

March 17th, 2020

Fean - II (laaps)

I saw this one popping up in my bandcamp feed, I'm unfamiliar with the artists, but the previews make me think this is going to be some sort of quietly weird improvised music that plays with a sense for melody and edits performances down to keep things focused. Which means I should probably hear the whole thing.

March 16th, 2020

Triple Negative - God Bless The Death Drive (Penultimate Press)

Penultimate Press came to my attention through their release of far out sounds, they've been doing lots of Henning Christiansen archival releases lately, and also had a fantastic album from Jérôme Noetinger and Anthony Pateras last year consisting of piano and revox tape machines manipulating the piano. But this is rock music! Nothing straightforward, the preview track rides on a groove and mangles the fidelity in a way that enhances the drive while assorted vocals shamble in around it. I didn't give their first album enough of a chance but I don't think I'll make the same mistake here.

March 13th, 2020

Acolytes - STRESS II (Haunter Records)

I heard Acolytes in 2014 after I saw they came out on Helm's label and figured it would be worth taking a chance on, I didn't keep up with the 2018 release, but this sounds very different from what I remember. I should really listen to that 2018 one. But this looks like it's going to be all long tracks, the preview is some 12 minute thing, driven by rhythm and going through some significant evolutions in sound.

Richard Chartier - Variable Dimensions (LINE)

Chartier also records music under the name Pinkcourtesyphone, runs this label LINE, and this new one seems to fit into the genre of music called lowercase. That covers a lot of music that has been on my periphery but I haven't really focused on, and so I figure why not give this a try and see where it leads me.

Electric Indigo - Ferrum (Editions Mego)

I thought this wasn't coming out until next week but it looks like it got bumped up. Not familiar with the artist but this caught my attention due to it being released on Editions Mego. Seems like it'll be some actual metal sounds, not those synthesized metal sounds that are popular right now, but with a synthetic element from all sorts of processing. Seems like it'd be up my alley.

The Fear Ratio - They Can't Be Saved (Skam)

I was under the impression that when I'd heard James Ruskin recently, he was brand new to me, but back in 2015 I heard something from The Fear Ratio, his duo with Mark Broom. It sorta had some hints of dubstep being incorporated into the IDM amalgam sound, not overwhelmingly so, probably still had hip-hop beats as the primary influence. Not sure where they're at now but I'm curious to see.

Four Tet - Sixteen Oceans (Text)

It's been 19 years since I first heard Four Tet and it has been interesting to see him push what he's doing into new territory over that time. I'm not sure if it's possible to compete with the unreasonable nostalgia I have for the first half of those years, even if he went backwards to that early sound and bettered it, the person I am now wouldn't connect with it like the person I was then. But I don't need it to compete, it'll be nice just to see what he's doing.

Horse Lords - The Common Task (Northern Spy)

I've been enjoying all of the music coming out lately that has drums and guitar and plays with constancy, without droning on with just one thing. 75 Dollar Bill and Kukangendai both had albums last year that sort of fit that bill, though they both sound quite different from each other, and Horse Lords have their own distinct character as well. I listen to their 2016 album Interventions a lot and it is still just as thrilling as when I first heard it. I am going to listen to this ASAP.

Nazar - Guerrilla (Hyperdub)

I'd missed Nazar's EP that came out at the end of 2018, but I decided to check out the preview track on this new one and I'm not entirely sure how to describe it. I want to say it's vivid without being pretty, aggressive without going into morose greyscale, distinct without sounding like all the other stuff being clumsily shoved under the umbrella of deconstructed club. I don't know if that will all hold up when I actually hear the album but I want to see it.

Stephen O'Malley - Auflösung der Zeit (Editions Mego)

I like O'Malley's solo work, that one on Shelter Press was cool, and of course his work with Sunn O))) is a great time. So I don't even really need to look into what this is about or check any sound samples, I'm already interested.

March 10th, 2020

more eaze & claire rousay - If I Don't Let Myself Be Happy Now Then When? (Mondoj)

I've been really enjoying digging into rousay's recent odd percussion output, I'm not familiar with more eaze but from the sound of the preview on this, I really need to be, because this sounds like it really goes places and I do not know how to write about them lately so you should just listen for yourself.

March 6th, 2020

Foodman - Dokutsu (Highball Records)

Foodman is amazing, I've been lucky to see him live a few times and see the changes in his style that have come up since he switched from dedicated music hardware to using computers. As demonstrated in this video, it seems much easier to dance to, it's like he's going for something in more of a house music style. Looking forward to seeing what else he's got on here.

Jasmine Guffond - Microphone Permission (Editions Mego)

I was recommended Guffond's album Yellow Bell years ago and never gave it enough of a chance, so this seems like a good opportunity to try again. I haven't even checked out the preview track, but I've been seeing a fair amount of praise for this new one so I figured I'll just let it show me what it is when I play it.

Celia Hollander - Recent Futures (Leaving Records)

I haven't heard anything from Hollander, she has released music under the name $3.33 in the past, I should probably check that out because the first preview track on this one has an approach to rhythm that I am into, a structure that goes places and puts the work into getting there, and there's these scissor-type sounds pinging between each ear that are a lot of fun on headphones (when it'd be so easy for that to turn annoying). If the rest of this works as well for me, I'll definitely be checking out the $3.33 stuff.

Mads Kjeldgaard - Akkorder (Ambitious Tapes)

This is one that you can already stream and I already bought, some headspinning computer music with very persistant synths that pipe up at regular intervals and create a macro-structure that could give the impression that not much happens, but inside the sound (best accessed through headphones) there is all sorts of activity and it is so much fun to sink into.

LEYA - Flood Dream (NNA Tapes)

Mostly unfamiliar with this group but they had something with Eartheater at the end of last year that I thought was nice. They're a harp and violin duo where they both take vocal duties as well, and then there's some guest contributions from people like John Also Bennet on a couple tracks. Seems a bit on the dark and tastefully dramatic side of things, so I'm not going to start my day with it, but I have the impression this will be good night listening.

Temp-Illusion - Pend (Zabte Sote)

Temp-Illusion are a duo based in Tehran, and this album appears to be in response to the psychological violence of the constant threat of war that has been levied at Iranian citizens. They're a part of a scene of electronic musicians working in the country that Sote has been highlighting with his Zabte Sote label, and I think they do have a talent for intricate beat programming that doesn't blanket the entire composition or weigh down the momentum when the intricacy really gets going. If that's your sort of thing then you may want to check this out, and then investigate further with the massive Girih: Iranian Sound Artists compilation from 2018.

March 5th, 2020

Norbert Möslang - Patterns (Bocian)

Möslang was in Voice Crack back in the day, an amazing pioneering group for noisy improvisation, and while I haven't kept up with everything he's done, I've enjoyed a lot of what I've heard. This one features a lot of different musicians contributing with brass and woodwind instruments so I'm curious to find out what that's all about.

February 28th, 2020

Afrikan Sciences - Have It Tall b/w Daily Gates (ESP Institute)

A 12" single from Afrikan Sciences , who is doing some really incredible stuff with rhythm-oriented electronic music in my opinion, I am always willing to see what he is doing.

{arsonist} - Reality Structure (unifactor)

The sample track on here sounds like my kind of mixing of strings and synths, with a beautiful sound but also a composition worth paying attention to.

Big Blood - Do You Wanna Have A Skeleton Dream (Feeding Tube Records)

This is a band I haven't totally kept up with, I heard them in college from my friend Brian, they had a tour CD with a cover of Can - Vitamin C. I've seen this one described as having some girl group vibes, and the sample track seems to live up to that, so I think this will be a good one to catch up with.

Caribou - Suddenly (City Slang)

Dan Snaith has had a big impact on my listening, both with his own music as Manitoba/Caribou and also through his mixes that he would put on to his tour CD's. So just on that legacy alone, I can't miss out on seeing his next move.

Jeremy Cunningham - The Weather Up There (Northern Spy)

Not familiar with this artist but it's a jazz album featuring Jeff Parker, Jaimie Branch, Ben LaMar Gay, and Tomeka Reid among others. It seems like it has a compelling concept to it, and Northern Spy have a good track record for me, so I'll be interested in checking this out.

Werner Dafeldecker - Parallel Darks (Room40)

I like what I've heard from Dafeldecker, and I like music that operates in the worlds of field recording, musique concrete, and electroacoustic sounds, so of course I am going to listen to this.

Alabaster DePlume - To Cy & Lee: Instrumentals Vol. 1 (International Anthem)

I have no idea about any musician involved with this, but I like what International Anthem are doing so I want to see what this is about.

The Giving Shapes - Earth Leaps Up (Elsewhere)

I pre-ordered this already, which in this case means I can listen to the whole thing early, and I've been listening to it frequently. It's a duo of harp and piano, with both players singing as well. The label that put this out hasn't ever put anything song-oriented like this, so I was very curious to see how that would go. I'm very glad I decided to take a look, because I probably wouldn't have thought this would be my kind of thing without some kind of prompting, and it's cool to know that I would have been wrong.

Calum Gunn - Addenda (Central Processing Unit)

CPU are a cool label, and this artist has some involvement with Entr'acte, another label that I enjoy (but I don't hear enough from them because they're usually on a physical-only approach). The samples here sound like my kind of IDM.

House Panther Dream Ensemble - Five Questions (unifactor)

This has John Elliott from Emeralds in a trio with two musicians I am not familiar with, but from the preview it sounds like they're making some beautiful music here so that's got my interest.

Moth Cock - Mystics and Statistics (unifactor)

Moth Cock are a really fantastic band who make hard to describe music. This one seems like it's gonna be a bit headier and drawn-out, maybe not the best way into them (I'd recommend the one they had last year on Hausu Mountain for that) but I'm excited to see what they do here.

NYZ - Millz Medz (Important Records)

David Burraston came to my attention from his very indepth Syrobonkers interview with Aphex Twin, and since then he's been getting a lot of his own music out into the world, and it all goes really deep with knowledge of sound making machines and experimental processes, I love it and will be taking advantage of his bandcamp subscription offer very soon. This one has him using Barbara Hero's Lambdoma tuning system on a Buchla 100. I have no idea what the implications of Lambdoma are, this is the first I'm hearing about it, but I'm excited to learn more and see what happens.

NYZ / ELEH - Split LP (Important Records)

David Burraston again, doing a split with ELEH, who I keep hearing about but haven't really given a good amount of focus. The NYZ track is going to be something with FM synthesis and I absolutely love what he did with it on his album NTE GDN so I will not be missing this.

Leo Takami – Felis Catus & Silence (Unseen Worlds)

Unfamiliar with this artist, but Unseen Worlds puts out great music so I'm fine just going in mostly blind here. And I like how the cover art has a cat on it.

U - Lowlands (Where To Now?)

This has been available to stream and purchase digitally on the bandcamp page, so I'm not exactly anticipating it, but I am anticipating telling people that they should listen to it when it's more widely available because the first track has a really great breaks and squelchy synth combo that still manages to sound fresh to me in spite of hearing so much music that fits that description. And then it goes on to other territory, this one is really worth checking out.

Wasted Shirt - Fungus II (Famous Class)

I haven't really spent too much time with Ty Segall's music but I've enjoyed the songs I've heard from him, but this is a collaboration with him and Brian Chippendale from Lightning Bolt. I've spent a lot of time with that band's music and from where I'm sitting right now, I can see my copy of Chippendale's book Ninja. So I figure there's a good chance I'll have a lot of fun blasting whatever this is.

Vladislav Delay - Rakka (Cosmo Rhythmatic)

I've heard some Vladislav Delay and appreciated it but never really got to the level of knowing and cherishing it as much as the fans (though I think eventually I still could), but I'm still very curious to check this one out, especially because it seems to be a new, more abrasive direction for the project.

February 26th, 2020

RM Francis - Nth White Dot (Conditional)

This guy is local to me so I've been able to see him live and get my mind blown, and Conditional Records puts out some really great computer music, so there's no way I'm missing this one.

February 25th, 2020

Dean Roberts - Not Fire (ErstPop)

I'm a big fan of Erstwhile Records, and have been slowly learning about how Dean Roberts is amazing, so this was easily placed in the "must hear" category. I've been listening to the whole album via pre-order, and I think it is some excellent post rock (the kind like Talk Talk I guess, though no comparison is ever perfect). Erstwhile Records is having a sale right now, but this one is new so it doesn't count, but you'll still need to use promo code 2020 at checkout to get the regular price.

February 24th, 2020

FOQL & Fischerle - Personal Wastelands (Paralaxe Editions)

I found this through Shawn Reynoldo's First Floor newsletter, no idea about the artists or anything but the preview sounded like some interesting electronic music with a heavy rhythm, so I'd like to check it out.

Urs Graf Consort - Uva Ursi (bison)

I have no idea about any of the musicians involved, only found out about this through Jennifer Lucy Allan's monthly column for The Quietus, but the preview tracks sounded very intriguing and difficult to describe, so I'll be making sure I get to checking out the whole thing.

February 22nd, 2020

Henning Christiansen - Peter der Große / Gudbrandsdal (Institut for Dansk Lydarkæologi)

Found out about this one from National Sawdust Log, I've really enjoyed the Christiansen that I've heard, and this archival release that features predominantly electronic sounds seems like it could be an interesting chapter of his work.

February 21st, 2020

Ka Baird & Muyassar Kurdi - Voice Games (Astral Editions)

I hadn't been keeping up on the activities of Ka Baird at all until last year, and I still have a lot of catching up to do, but her album had some amazing stuff with flute and voice, so I'm interested in keeping up with whatever she's got next. And I'm unfamiliar with Kurdi so this will be a good opportunity to find out a bit about what she's doing. And it's on a sublabel of Astral Spirits, so I'm sold.

Various Artists - Kearney Barton: Architect of the Northwest Sound (Light In The Attic)

I found out about this one from Dave Segal writing in The Stranger, it's a compilation that Segal also wrote the liner notes for, showcasing numerous bands recorded by the engineer Kearney Barton. I'm unfamiliar, but the tracks linked in the post make me think this will be a cool one.

CP Unit - One Foot On The Ground Smoking Mirror Shakedown (Ramp Local)

Here's something I saw on the National Sawdust Log, their On The Record section covers upcoming releases and I'm using it to investigate areas of modern composition and improvisation that I don't know so well, and when I saw the description mention Ornette Coleman's harmolodic funk alongside noise rock and musique concrete as reference points, I figured this would be one I'd need to hear.

crys cole - Beside Myself (Students of Decay)

I liked crys cole's electroacoustic album Sand / Layna from a while back, haven't heard her Oren Ambarchi collaboration that's come out since then (I need to get on it especially now that it's on Bandcamp), but I want to try to not take so long to get to this new solo one from her.

Davey Harms - World War (Hausu Mountain)

I'm unfamiliar with the artist but Hausu Mountain does great work and the preview track sounds like weird noisy techno, I'm into it.

Jan St. Werner - Molocular Meditation (Editions Mego) (Editions Mego)

Werner is in Mouse on Mars and also does some really cool stuff on his own, and this one is on Editions Mego, I like a lot of what they put out so I won't be missing out on this one.

Roger Tellier-Craig - Études (Second Editions)

I've been meaning to keep up more with this Second Editions label, I've only heard their Karl Fousek album but they have some other artists that I want to hear more from. I haven't spent any time with Tellier-Craig solo, I've heard him in a trio with Fousek and someone else, and I guess he was also in Godspeed You! Black Emperor from 98-03, and in Fly Pan Am and Set Fire To Flames, so he has some significance in that Montreal post-rock scene. So I'm curious to see what happens on this one.

Jennifer Walshe - A Late Anthology Of Early Music Vol. 1: Ancient To Renaissance (Tetbind)

I haven't spent much time with Walshe's music but there's so many signals that I should, from Drew Daniel writing the liner notes to her 2019 album ALL THE MANY PEOPLS, to trustworthy sources like the National Sawdust Log and Jennifer Lucy Allan (writing in The Quietus) plugging this new one. This album involves machine learning trained on Walshe's voice performing early Western music compositions, as far as I understand it, and that sounds like something I'll want to hear.

February 20th, 2020

Dj Diaki - Balani Fou (Nyege Nyege Tapes)

This label has been gaining a lot of attention for their singeli music releases, an exciting new sort of dance music that gets fast, but they've been covering some other areas as well. This one gets into the "Balani Show" stuff that has been happening in Mali, which you can read about in the linked album description.

Thomas Köner - Motus (Mille Plateaux)

I remember Mille Plateaux from way back in the 00's with their Clicks n Cuts style of music, and then I saw that Köner had an album coming out through them. He's an ambient musician I've been meaning to explore further, so those two factors combined means this is one I'll need to hear.

February 14th, 2020

Anáhuac - Anáhuac (Astral Spirits)

Haven't heard the previous release from this trio out of Mexico City, but they sound like they hit a lot of my interests in improvisation with electronics and double bass.

Anáhuac - ascua (Astral Spirits)

That's right, they have two albums coming out on this day. Worth noting that both of these are mixed and mastered by Werner Dafeldecker, who is very good,

Melaine Dalibert - Anastassis Philippakopoulos: piano works (Elsewhere)

I haven't explored any of this Wandelweisser affiliated composer, but Dalibert's music on Elsewhere makes me think they'll be a great performer for the introduction.

Euglossine - Psaronius (Orange Milk)

Another musician I am relatively unfamiliar with, but I do like a lot ot what I hear from Orange Milk and the preview sounds like it could be up there with the best of the label.

Katie Gately - Loft (Houndstooth)

I probably would've completely missed Gately's 2016 album cover if a friend going back to college days (Brian) hadn't told me about it, and I really enjoyed the maximalist glitch pop thing it had going on. While this one seems to be a departure in some ways based on the preview, I'm still very interested in seeing where she's going.

Cindy Lee - What's Tonight To Eternity (W.25th)

Some friends have been very enthusiastic about this music from a former member of the band Women, but I haven't really given any of the output a fair chance. This seems like a good opportunity to change that.

MHYSA - NEVAEH (Hyperdub)

MHYSA's work under her own name and as a part of SCRAAATCH have been a cool part of what was happening in electronic music last decade, I think it will be very interesting to see her launch into this new decade with a debut on Hyperdub.

Rrose & Silent Servant - Air Texture Volume VII (Air Texture)

This is a mix with what I believe are exclusives from artists like Lucrecia Dalt, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, and Laurel Halo along with many others. And I've liked what I've heard from Rrose so this seems like something I'll need to hear.

Sign Libra - Sea To Sea (RVNG Intl.)

Didn't know this artist but RVNG have a great track record for me, so I watched a video for a song on this and I'm not sure what to say but it's got my attention.

Jacoti Sommes - Travel Time (Orange Milk)

More from Orange Milk, featuring a Columbus, OH that was discovered by label co-owner Keith Rankin upon moving to the city. Always great to see that sort of thing, and this case in particular seems like it'll be a fun one.

February 7th, 2020

Beatrice Dillon - Workaround (PAN)

Villaelvin - Head Roof (Hakuna Kulala)

February 2nd, 2020

Afrikan Sciences - Journey Into Mr Re (Self-Released)

Spiritczualic Enhancement Center - Transporting Salt (Crash Symbols)

February 1st, 2020

Steve Beresford & John Butcher - Old Paradise Airs (Iluso Records)

January 31st, 2020

The Ah - Mere Husk (NNA Tapes)

Siavash Amini & Saåad - All Lanes Of Lilac Evening (Opal Tapes)

Asa Tone - Temporary Music (Leaving Records)

Whettman Chelmets - I Don't Want to Let Go, but I Need to Let Go (Misophonia)

Seth Cooke - This Content Is Unavailable In Your Country (Self-Released)

Dan Deacon - Mystic Familiar (Domino)

Will Guthrie - Nist-Nah (Black Truffle)

Life's Track - Race Against Time (Opal Tapes)

Lucy Johnson - Soundtracks 2013 - 2019 Vol. 1 (Opal Tapes)

Long Distance Poison - Technical Mentality (Hausu Mountain)

Men With Secrets - Psycho Romance & Other Spooky Ballads (The Bunker New York)

Proswell - Amaterasu (Touched)

Squarepusher - Be Up A Hello (Warp)

Tryphème - Aluminia (Central Processing Unit)

January 28th, 2020

William Fields - Shackamaxon (Conditional)

January 27th, 2020

Schacke - Artificial Intercourse (Instruments Of Discipline)

January 24th, 2020

Charles Curtis - Performances and Recordings 1998-2018 (Saltern)

Jennifer Curtis & Tyshawn Sorey - Invisible Ritual (New Focus Recordings)

Robert Haigh - Black Sarabande (Unseen Worlds)

Jeff Parker - Suite for Max Brown (International Anthem)

January 17th, 2020

Bergsonist - Middle Ouest (Optimo Music)

Jim Black Trio - Reckon (Intakt Records)

John Chantler / Steve Noble / Seymour Wright - Atlantis (1703 Skivbolaget)

Liz Durette - Delight (Feeding Tube Records)

Aly Keita / Jan Galega Brönnimann / Lucas Niggli - Kalan Teban (Intakt Records)

Nick Malkin - A Typical Night In The Pit (Soda Gong)

Manuel Pessoa de Lima - Realejo (Black Truffle)

Britton Powell - If Anything Is (Catch Wave Ltd.)

OOIOO - Nijimusi (Thrill Jockey)

Oval - Scis (Thrill Jockey)

Pulse Emitter - Swirlings (Hausu Mountain)

January 15th, 2020

Green-House - Six Songs for Invisible Gardens (Leaving Records)

January 10th, 2020

Brunhild Ferrari & Jim O'Rourke - Le Piano Englouti (Black Truffle)

December 13th, 2019

Fred Anderson Quartet - Live Volume V (FPE)

a•pe•ri•od•ic - for a•pe•ri•od•ic (New Focus Recordings)

Daniel Lopatin - Uncut Gems Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Warp)

December 9th, 2019

Stellar OM Source - I See Through You (Dekmantel)

December 6th, 2019

Avey Tare - Conference of Birds / Birds in Disguise (Domino)

Clark - Daniel Isn't Real OST (Deutsche Grammophon)

Wendy Gondeln and Mats Gustafsson, with Wolfgang Voigt and Martin Siewert - The Shithole Country & Boogie Band (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Russell Haswell - 37 Minute Workout Vol. 2 (Diagonal)

Arto Lindsay, Joe McPhee, Ken Vandermark, Phil Sudderberg - Largest Afternoon (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Joe McPhee and Fred Lonberg-Holm - No Time Left For Sadness (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Speaker Music - of desire, longing (Planet Mu)

Melanie Velarde - Bez (Commend)

Ben Vida - Reducing the Tempo to Zero (Shelter Press)

November 29th, 2019

Doon Kanda - Labyrinth (Hyperdub)

Jay Mitta & Sisso Meet The Modern Institute And Errorsmith - At The Villa (Nyege Nyege Tapes)

Moth Cock - If Beggars Were Horses Wishes Would Ride (Hausu Mountain)

Rie Nakajima - Fusuma (tss tapes)

Oto Hiax - Two (Editions Mego)

November 22nd, 2019

Robert Ashley - Improvement (Don Leaves Linda) (Lovely Music)

Clark - Branding Problem (Throttle)

Galcher Lustwerk - Information (Ghostly)

RAMZi - Multiquest Level 1: Camouflé (FATi)

November 15th, 2019

Tetuzi Akiyama / Nicolas Field / Gregor Vidic - Interpersonal Subjectivities (Astral Spirits)

Ekoplekz - In Search Of The Third Mantra (Front & Follow)

KVL - Volume 1 (Astral Spirits)

Lee Gamble - Exhaust (Hyperdub)

Benoît Pioulard - Sylva (Morr)

Arthur Russell - Iowa Dream (Audika)

Ziúr - ATØ (Planet Mu)

November 8th, 2019

Thomas Brinkmann - Raupenbahn (Editions Mego)

Frank Denyer - The Fish that became the Sun (Another Timbre)

FKA twigs - MAGDALENE (Young Turks)

Peter Ivers - Becoming Peter Ivers (RVNG Intl.)

Amirtha Kidambi & Lea Bertucci - Phase Eclipse (Astral Spirits)

Sean McCann - Puck (Recital)

Oval - Eksploio (Thrill Jockey)

Andrew Pekler - Sounds From Phantom Islands (Faitiche)

Rrose - Hymn to Moisture (Eaux)

Shapednoise - Aesthesis (Numbers)

Matt Valentine - Preserves (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)

Steven Warwick - MOI (PAN)

Wobbly - Monitress (Hausu Mountain)

November 5th, 2019

Jim O'Rourke - to magnetize money and return a roving eye (Sonoris)

November 1st, 2019

Malibu - One Life (Joyful Noise/UNO NYC)

Joe McPhee/Graham Lambkin/Charlie McPhee/Oliver Lambkin - Live in the Batcave (Black Truffle)

Joséphine Michel / Mika Vainio - The Heat Equation (Touch)

Yann Novak - Slowly Dismantling (Room40)

October 25th, 2019

Ka Baird - Respires (RVNG Intl.)

First Tone - Reactions (Spectrum Spools)

Kepla - Within The Gaze, A Shadhavar (Alien Jams)

Grischa Lichtenberger - Re: phgrp (reworking ›Consequences‹ by Philipp Gropper’s Philm) (Raster)

Anna Meredith - FIBS (Black Prince Fury)

Meara O'Reilly - Hockets for Two Voices (Cantaloupe Music)

Pita - Get On (Editions Mego)

Francis Plagne - Rural Objects (Black Truffle)

Sunn O))) - Pyroclasts (Southern Lord)

Teebs - Anicca (Brainfeeder)

François Tusques - Alors Nosferatu Combina Un Plan Ingénieux (Finders Keepers)

October 18th, 2019

Anunaku - Whities 024 (Whities)

Battles - Juice B Crypts (Warp)

Ilia Belorukov & Vasco Trilla - Laniakea (Astral Spirits)

Eartheater - Trinity (Chemical X)

Guerilla Toss - What Would The Odd Do? (NNA Tapes)

Steph Horak & Renick Bell - Live at Pirate Studios, Bristol (Conditional)

HXXS - Year Of The Witch (Captured Tracks)

Sarah Belle Reid - Underneath And Sonder (pfMENTUM)

Matana Roberts - COIN COIN Chapter Four: Memphis (Constellation)

October 15th, 2019

George Barton & Siwan Rhys - Kontakte (Stockhausen) (All That Dust)

Cassandra Miller - Songs About Singing (All That Dust)

October 12th, 2019

Formanex - 20 Years Of Experimental Music (Mikroton Recordings)

October 11th, 2019

808 State - Transmission Suite (808 State)

Bonnie Baxter - AXIS (Hausu Mountain)

Jaimie Branch - FLY or DIE II: bird dogs of paradise (International Anthem)

Richard Dawson - 2020 (Weird World/Domino)

Lightning Bolt - Sonic Citadel (Thrill Jockey)

Bill Orcutt - Odds Against Tomorrow (Palilalia)

Marcus Schmickler - Particle/Matter-Wave/Energy (Kompakt)

Masahiro Sugaya - Horizon Volume 1 (Empire Of Signs)

October 4th, 2019

Danny Brown - uknowhatimsayin¿ (Warp)

Carla dal Forno - Look Up Sharp (Kallista)

Julia Reidy - In Real Life (Black Truffle)

September 29th, 2019

Cristián Alvear / Klaus Filip - 6 Chords (Ftarri)

September 27th, 2019

John Coltrane - Blue World (Impulse!)

Girl Band - The Talkies (Rough Trade)

Hecker - Inspection II (Editions Mego)

Tyshawn Sorey & Marilyn Crispell - The Adornment Of Time (Pi Recordings)

Telefon Tel Aviv - Dreams Are Not Enough (Ghostly International)

Galen Tipton - Fake Meat (Orange Milk)

September 20th, 2019

Maria Chavez - Plays (Stefan Goldmann's Ghost Hemiola) (Macro)

Luc Ferrari - Photophonie: Bandes magnétiques inédities (Transversales Disques)

Keiji Haino / Jim O’rourke / Oren Ambarchi - In the past only geniuses were capable of staging the perfect crime (also known as a revolution) Today anybody can accomplish their aims with the push of the button (Black Truffle)

Sarah Hennies - Reservoir 1 (Black Truffle)

Inoyama Land - Commissions: 1977-2000 (Empire Of Signs)

Cameron Shafii - Pithy & Prolix (anòmia)

somesurprises - somesurprises (Drawing Room)

Carl Stone - Himalaya (Unseen Worlds)

Tomaga & Pierre Bastien - Bandiera di Carta (Other People)

Topdown Dialectic - Vol 2 (Peak Oil)

xin - Melts into Love (Subtext Recordings)

Ai Yamamoto - Going Home (Dragon's Eye)

September 13th, 2019

Bass Clef - Hard Lessons Hardly Learned / Holy Days Wholly Dazed (Open Hand Real Flames)

Charli XCX - Charli (Atlantic / Asylum)

Ned Collette / James Rushford / Joe Talia - Afternoon-Dusk (Feeding Tube Records)

Daphne & Celeste - Sunny Day (Remix EP) (Balatonic)

Jenny Hval - The Practice of Love (Sacred Bones Records)

Anne Imhof - Faust (PAN)

JPEGMAFIA - All My Heroes Are Cornballs (EQT Recordings)

Mukqs - Any% (Doom Trip)

Nicholas Langley - Plays The Vitamin B12 (Strategic Tape Reserve)

Shasta Cults - Configurations (Important)

Philip Thomas - Morton Feldman Piano (Another Timbre)